CU Talks: Entertainment without Insult ep.1407

This week’s podcast is here. In it, we talk culture rather than politics – TV shows or movies you can watch without getting insulted for being a conservative. Yes, there are actually quite a few. Not explicitly conservative shows, just shows that DON’T hit you over the head with the progressive agenda. They exist and they’re entertaining. Quoting my favorite blog, Ace of Spades:
Are We Getting Too Political About Everything?

We may be fighting a political battle, but it’s important to always return to why we are fighting it: we’re fighting the battle to preserve our dignity as human beings, our freedom which is our right as thinking — or ensouled — beings, and our basic individual identity which is surely more than a series of bullet-point slogans and “COEXIST” bumper-stickers.

TV Shows that you can watch without getting sucker-punched, and that might even be supportive of a conservative lifestyle (NOT explicitly in your face conservative politically, just people living conservative lives, and not insulting you)

  • Blue Bloods
    • Extended family has a weekly dinner, after church
    • The family minister has been helpful, he’s not a bad guy
    • The married couple have issues and challenges, but support each other and back each other up, they talk things through
    • In one episode, Danny was showing his son how to handle a gun, his wife Linda was concerned – she did the stereotypical afraid of guns response (seemed more forced than legit, she’s a cop’s wife, but maybe they were just trying to show how that conversation would be handled) and Danny showed the safety and respect one should have for guns, rather than fear. That scene was kinda ham-handed and blatant pro-guns I thought, it was actually a forced pro-gun message just like we’re used to seeing forced liberal messages. Seemed incongruous.
    • The rest of the show is just quietly about an interesting family who stick together.
    • Parenting – a teenaged girl goes to party, lies to mom about it, gets caught, they have conversation about trust, there’s actual parenting and punishment.
  • Enlisted
    • Shows the military well. Comedy yes, but not disrespectful to the men and women who serve.
    • Shows the work that the Rear D actually does: consoling the bereaved, helping the newly “single”, entertaining families, making reunion videos
    • It’s also about adult brothers, honoring their father and his service.
  • Cougar Town
    • not at all what it started out to be, it’s just a bunch of neighbors who get into crazy situations and have fun together,
  • Raising Hope
    • they’re poor but honest, love each other completely, support each other, crazy and accepting of one another, multiple generations live together,
  • Castle
    • the importance of FATHERHOOD
  • Rizzoli & Isles
    • solving crimes, friendship, family
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    • police station comedy reminiscent of Barney Miller
    • they’re screwballs, but well meaning, kinda sweet
    • Andre Braugher is HILARIOUS
  • The Crazy Ones
    • another workplace comedy
    • Father and Daughter building a relationship, mutual support and trust
  • The Unit
  • Person of Interest
  • Justified
  • Other shows we didn’t get to talk about but that also are “no sucker punch” type shows
    • Motive
    • Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis
    • The Waltons
    • Little House on the Prairie
    • Falling Skies
    • MacGyver
    • Chuck

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About the show:

Every Thursday, 9pm Central, join us for an hour of Conservative Discussion with real people from real places in America, NOT DC and NOT the Media. CU Talks is the one hour weekly program from
The Conservative Union, largest conservative community on Google Plus. We focus on political news of the week, as it matters to you, and with an optimistic spin.

About the hosts:

  • James Pisano (The Chief) lives in California, is currently active duty in the Coast Guard, and drives a Prius – not because he’s afraid of global warming, but because it made sense for him to purchase it – FREE MARKET, YEAH!
  • Nikolaos Dimopolous (Nikos) was born in Greece, got here as soon as he could
    , will be a US Citizen eligible to vote in 2016, and is the American Dream personified.
  • Leslie P is a native Texan and a redhead, she’ll cut you.

We may or may not all be armed.

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