CU Talks: The Elephant in the Room ep.1402

Mom! Dad! Stop Fighting!
Mom! Dad! Stop Fighting!

This week – the GOP is in all ways, the elephant in the room. We are conservatives, and want to advance the conservative movement, but the GOP, God Bless ’em, is becoming more a hindrance than a help. What do we do?

GOP as an ORGANIZATION is messed up – like really any big organization gets over time, they lose focus, lose the innovation, the spirit that they started out with. A few cycles ago we did pretty well with Rove’s info gathering, micro targeting and get out the vote structure. But then, we got lazy or faltered or distracted or something. Now the guys at the top seem to have lost not just the principled drive and the passion, but the effectiveness.

They tell US to suck it up and get behind the establishment guy once our guy loses the primary, or whatever – but they don’t do likewise. They are untrustworthy. They say the right things during campaign-time, and then always always move to the left once elected, they are unreliable.

So do we stick with the GOP and work to reform them, or do we just give up? This will be, I’m sure, an ongoing question as the months tick by.

Give the show a listen, then use the comments to let us know what topics you’d like us to cover in future episodes.


About the show:

Every Thursday, 9pm Central, join us for an hour of Conservative Discussion with Real People from Real Places in America, NOT DC and NOT the Media.

CU Talks is the one hour weekly program from The Conservative Union, largest conservative community on Google Plus. We talk politics, with a focus on informing and educating our listeners, and finding ways to create the positive future we all want for ourselves and our posterity.

Your hosts will include James Pisano (The Chief), Nikolaos Dimopolous (Nikos) and Leslie P.

  • The Chief lives in California, is currently active duty in the Coast Guard, and drives a Prius – not because he’s afraid of global warming, but because it made sense for him to purchase it – FREE MARKET, YEAH!
  • Nikos was born in Greece, got here as soon as he could, will be a US Citizen eligible to vote in 2016, and is the American Dream personified.
  • Leslie is a native Texan and a redhead, she’ll cut you.

We may or may not all be armed.

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