CU Talks – Division, Distraction and Defeatism – ep.021

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On Monday night (16 Sep 2013) we acknowledged that beyond saying a prayer for the victims and families of the Navy Yard Shooting, we had nothing unique to offer. It’s still too new and unknown to provide any kind of helpful analysis or insight. I know that my father, retired Naval Officer, joined the thousands of other Navy men in heaven to welcome the victims home.

On to issues we can talk about with some helpful perspective: Immigration, Syria, Obamacare – these are big issues, important topics. Typically discussed just enough to keep our side divided against itself, distracted from the ceaseless forward momentum of the Progressves – and worse: talking in defeatist terms. 

We have to learn to recognize this. And then fight back. If you think you will lose, you already have. Being defeatist means being defeated, and I refuse to accept that.


Sign the petition to Defund Obamacare at – every signature will give your Congressman and the wobbly OTHER Congressmen one more bit of evidence that they are doing the right thing. It’s an unpopular law, getting more unpopular every day. Unions are asking for exemptions. With a defunding – the entire nation will get an exemption. Demand equal justice – demand your exemption.

Some of the articles we spoke about:

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