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CUTalks-MarkDavis-1200x300Mark Davis is one of the most successful radio talk show hosts and conservative commentators in America. The longtime host of the Mark Davis Show on 660 AM, his show has been a reliable source for opinions and passion on topics from around Dallas-Ft. Worth, across the nation and around the world. The show is marked by unpredictability, a fast pace, and always a sense of humor, covering topics ranging from politics to pop culture, broad philosophy to consumer issues, to history, to sports, to whatever occurs to Mark and his callers.

He has achieved even greater national prominence in recent years as one of the key guest hosts on the Rush Limbaugh Show, and as the Friday host of the William Bennett’s, ‘Morning in America’. Additionally, he is a columnist writing for and the Dallas Morning News.  Mr. Davis fashions himself a ‘libertarian conservative’, and as such, brings a much-needed viewpoint to conservative thinking in America today.

Over the course of the conversation we discussed the arc of the Tea Party from 2009 until today, the current rise of Libertarianism in the Conservative Movement, factionalism within the Republican Party and how the average citizen can become involved in the advancement of the Conservative movement.

Mark can be found at
The Mark Davis Show
660 AM The Answer
KSKY Dallas-Ft Worth
7-10 AM CT
Fridays 5-8 AM Bill Bennett’s Morning in America
Salem Communications

To Listen online, blogs, pics, videos:
Find Him At Twitter: @markdavis
Find Him At Facebook: The Mark Davis Show column Fridays
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