The Covert War On The Middle Class – Introduction



In this series of posts I intend to show beyond a reasonable doubt that the Progressive Left in America today is using and manipulating the Middle Class of America to destroy the Middle Class of America. The complex and comprehensive nature of this covert war, as I am calling it, is going to take much more than one blog post, so a series it is.

The Progressive Left has made an art form out of portraying itself as the champions of the middle class, but as art imitates life, the Progressive images splashed on the canvass for public consumption are nothing but pleasant depictions of fanciful imagining. While electioneering or selling a new public program or making some legislative play for reform of one flavor or another, the left grabs the banner of the middle class and waves it vigorously before the cameras as the trumpets blow, “those struggling to get by,” and “conversations are being had at dinner tables across America,” and “Average folk! Your neighbors, your co-workers, your families!” Rote phrases and slogans delivered from the podium with the passion and sincerity of a Pentecostal tent preacher preaching salvation on a July afternoon. Here in Minnesota, the Democratic Party has gone so far as to name themselves as not just the Democratic Party, but the Democratic Farmer and Labor Party. How much more down home and salt of the Earth can you get than that?

The love of the American Middle Class is nothing but a rouse, an act; a willful and malice based act intended to connive and deceive as part of a covert war on the American Middle Class and everything that it is, everything that it stands for, and everything that it represents. This may sound outlandish and a bit over the top, but one really need look no further than the contemptuous portrayal of Suburbia by the contemporary Progressive Leftist. Who better exemplifies the Middle Class than Suburban America – The home owning nuclear family that is living the middle most of average American Dreams somewhere in flyover country? You, my friends, are the mortal enemy and root of all ills in the mind’s eye of the Progressive Left. From the moment you open your eyes in the morning to the time you drift off to sleep at night and every solitary act you engage in over the course of the day is a savage crime against the good of the planet and it’s delicate balance. From the house that you own and the square feet that it contains and the size of the lot that it sits on, the car that you drive and the number that you own, the number of children that you have, where you send them to school, how you eat and what you eat, how you heat and cool your home, what you do in your free time, your faith, the company that you work for as well as the company you keep or don’t keep, where you shop and how you shop, where and how you vacation, all of it. All of it is a wasteful, greedy, dirty, despicable, short sighted and downright ignorant impediment to the next great cultural awakening that is just around the corner if you Neanderthals would just let go of this silly, antiquated notion that you are just living your lives.

It is easy and evident to say that the Secular Progressive Movement has taken aim and has waged an overt war on traditionalism and traditional institutions. The Church, charitable organizations, the perception and place of the nuclear family in the cultural fabric of the Nation, educational institutions and educational standards, economic and financial models and practices, the list goes on and on. There is no doubt that traditionalism is under assault. As importantly though, as a matter of tactics, there is a covert war being waged on the practitioners of traditionalism and the fundamental being of the average Middle Class American, a propaganda war. A war on the practices of the individual, the average American and his family and how they go about their day…and it is deeply personal.