Climate Change Is Real

I believe Climate Change is real. I’ve lived long enough to witness it. I’ve experienced it and continue to experience it. You may doubt it and scoff at it, but please hear me out.

I was in grade school in the ’60s. We had a climate of morality back then. As children we were taught to respect and honor our parents. Our parents, teachers, churches and government leaders emphasized the discipline of hard work, good grades, reverence to God and respect for others. Ever so slowly, through the years this has been replaced by a climate of individualism and relative truth.

And now this individualism has reached the level of how our children are raised. This is what is taught in school. I believe children live a stressful life because they have no real standard to guide them. When my son was a child, I read a book on raising boys. One key thing I remember from the book was the phrase, “A boy wants to know 2 things. What are the rules and are you going to enforce them?”

I believe that like some infants, elementary school aged children need to be swaddled. They want a firm reassurance that they are not in charge. They press against it and need it to press back.

My son went through his teenage years around a decade ago. This was difficult as the climate was changing. The climate change is now progressing much faster.

Long ago critical thinkers including parents and teachers were concerned with how media influenced the lives of children. This was especially true of television, movies and video games. My generation scoffed. I scoffed. Drugs, sex and rock ‘n roll did not change us. We were smarter than that. Now that I am older, I look back and realize that in many ways I barely made it through such experiences.

Those who survived the depression and later went on to fight WWII have been referred to as the ‘Greatest Generation’ by Tom Brokaw. They were a great generation. 20 years ago, I started to realize that I was part of the ‘Most Selfish Generation’. We were growing up during the slogan “If it feels good, Do It!”.

Men my age inhabited their garages toying with their mechanical tools, cars and gadgets while TVs and radios blared away. Meanwhile their wives ruled the home. Husbands and wives kept a safe distance in order to avoid conflict. Their grade school children had their own lives. The did ‘their own thing’. Nobody was feeling good, but everyone was doing it.

Now I have a teenage daughter. Today’s society tells her she has ‘rights’ as a child. She shouldn’t focus on what her parents tell her. God is foolish and a figment of some people’s imagination. God is an imaginary crutch for those who aren’t doing their own thing. Her media choices are shocking to me. Sadly they are not shocking to those who have seen the transition move ever so slowly from The Andy Griffith Show to Fame. I’m using Fame as a conservative example of a show full of sexuality and references to high school kids ‘hooking up’. (In this case conservative does not correlate to conservative living)

Everyone has their own cellphone but rarely do they communicate verbally with each other in a serious manner. Communication is now done via texting so every individual maintains full control. Discipline is rare. Demands are high. The majority of people want to ‘feel good’ without discipline. They demand that others meet their needs. Their priority is their entertainment. They aren’t comfortable in life. They aren’t secure. Especially children. They want to know where the rules went. I think they want to be swaddled more.

That’s the climate change I have witnessed.

Please don’t buckle fellow conservatives. Conservative living is hard work. Your children need you to hold the course.

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