I Want My Boss To Pay Then My Boss Will Have A Say

To those who say that it is none of their bosses business what happens in their bedroom I say that I agree with you 100%. Your boss should not be able to tell you who you can sleep with and what kind of contraception you can use. Because what happens in your bedroom is nobody’s business but your own nobody else should be forced to pay for what happens in your bedroom.

Some forms of contraception can have health benefits in addition to preventing pregnancy. Hobby Lobby understand this and so they cover 16 out of 20 kinds of birth control. The only kind they don’t cover are the kinds that terminate the pregnancy after the fertilization has already occurred such as the morning after pill and abortion.

Many on the left want to make laws based on what they like without regard for the right of their fellow citizens to choose. Conservatives want people to be free to make their own choices without interference from the government as long as those choices don’t take away someone elses choice. Some people, including the owners of Hobby Lobby, think that abortion takes away all the future choices of the baby by ending the baby’s life. People who are ok with abortion generally don’t think that the baby is a life at the point of abortion. This is where the two sides generally disagree, and disagreement is ok.

Let’s err on the side of freedom for both sides:

The woman is free to have an abortion if she chooses

– Hobby Lobby is free from having to pay for it


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