Backup Plans, we all need them

business-1370952_960_7201It’s good to have multiple options, that goes for sharing political opinion as well as anything else.

It’s far too easy for trolls and mischief makers to get people’s account suspended or shut down. It’s far too easy for them to get entire blogs wiped out. They’ve figured out that just ganging up on one profile or site and complaining to the owner can get voices shut down.

I fully expect the bullying and the restrictions on free speech to get worse, pehaps much worse. We all need to be planning alternate routes, alternate means to connect, have a backup plan.

If you only get your message out via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube or any of the other social media outlets – you’re vulnerable.

You should publish your work in multiple places, and at least one of those places should be relatively independent.

This blog is NOT hosted by WordPress or Google. It’s not AS vulnerable. It’s backed up offsite.

If you’re interested in publishing here, just as an alternate to your primary blog, or as a place to post something that you’d want to share to multiple social media networks, get in touch.

In the meantime, I’ll be cross-posting stuff here, just in case.

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