It Goes Far Deeper Than Pajama Boy


A favorite tactic that Progressivism employs is that of hijacking the language we use and holding it hostage; not just the written or spoken language, but also the visual language we use, our gestures, our “tone,” as well. I like to call it Velveteen Tyranny; a neutering of discourse and descriptive of any given issue that turns an ideological adversary into an illustrative eunuch. Concepts of common sense, practicality, utility, self-reliance or self-sufficiency are not the friends of the Progressive. These are terms and concepts that are professed and practiced by those right wing nut job Tea Party types. Those concepts need to be softened and “reimagined,” “rebranded,” or refined into a community friendly, organic, free-range version of principal that is not as rigidly expressed or interpreted.

Pajama Boy is only the most recent manifestation, the most recent tool (and I do mean tool) in advancing a milquetoast vision of a perfectly neutral non-aggressive world. A world without risk, a world where reward comes in the form of a lab rat’s pellet as reward for completing a reinforced, rote behavior.


One of my greatest pet peeves in this horn-rimmed brave new hipster world is the concept of “Life Hacking.” Not only does the term itself hit my urban ridge runner ears with a high pitched screech of nerdling’s calling out from the basement for their mothers to bring them another cup of Chai, it “celebrates” the acquisition of simple skills, like cutting a hole in an empty milk jug, as if it were an act of inventiveness never before seen. Here’s a, “pro tip” kids, go talk to your parents or preferably your grandparents. They are walking encyclopedias when it comes to this kind of thing. Oh, wait, that would require a familial structure and interaction. Never mind. The other aspect to this, going back to the hijacking of the verbal and visual language premise, is that there is another group of folks who practice and promote these handy tips and simple tricks. They are called rednecks, or hillbillies, or preppers, or a handful of other unsavory terms that don’t view putting a bunch of tea candles under a flowerpot and calling it a space heater as an act of inspired innovation. Fire hot, Cletus know how to make warm from fire.


Another tool being employed to completely castrate anything resembling descriptive discourse is this ridiculous notion called, “microaggression.” If you are not familiar with this concept, imagine if you will, political correctness on steroids. A microaggression is any perceived affront to ones psyche or that affirms ones sense of self-doubt or self-hatred. Your insecurities are not your own, they are the product of ones surroundings and interactions forcing the dark side of the human condition upon you. Are you insecure about your gender? We got your back. Racism? You bet your ass it’s in any and all conversations that you take part in. Are you insecure about your physical abilities? This is the place for you my non-gender specific differently abled community member! Microaggression is really nothing more than an extension of the Unfair Project’s straight up assertion that if you are white, you are inherently privileged, racist and completely ignorant of the fact.

For the purposes of this post I’m going to leave you with one last example of the coordinated attempt by the Progressive Left to control the language of debate, to stifle and manipulate the verbiage itself and not the merits of an issue. They simply cannot enter the arena of ideas without first picking the referees.

A Shooting Gallery Of Blame


It would appear that Richard Escow writing for Slate has set a new land speed record for trotting out a gratuitous appeal to emotion in misplacing blame for another school shooting on his ideological foes. This comes as no surprise; this is a favorite tactic of the Progressive Left. The speed in which the ham fisted swings at the Tea Party and Second Amendment advocates are being delivered by the vociferate minions of the control class are speeding up at an exponential rate. Data be damned, all statistics aside, and throw the facts to the wind, there is an agenda afoot and it shant be stifled by antiquated notions like decorum or accuracy! A.k.a “Never let a crisis go to waste.” To assert that there is an agenda afoot is not hyperbole or conspiratorial conjecture. The gun control crowd has had their marching orders clearly laid out before them.


The Left has been salivating over the possibility of pinning acts of violence on the Tea Party since it’s inception and more so after their stunning electoral sweep in 2010. To put it bluntly, that ass handing stung hard and continues to sting to this day. Progressives have fallen back to their go-to tools of accusation, an imagined moral high ground, projection, and attempts to control the language of debate on the issue of gun control. These efforts are not without advocates with deep pockets to champion the cause.

Despite the talking points, deep pockets, and wishful thinking the anti-gun agenda is not making the desired impact or “progress” that it hopes to achieve. Is it possible that baseless and shrill accusations made by those with a transparent agenda to paint those with whom they disagree with a broad brush of tired tropes may not be a winning strategy after all? Or maybe, just maybe there’s a desire by the majority of Americans to let the bodies reach room temperature before slinging agenda driven mud.

The Covert War On The Middle Class – Introduction



In this series of posts I intend to show beyond a reasonable doubt that the Progressive Left in America today is using and manipulating the Middle Class of America to destroy the Middle Class of America. The complex and comprehensive nature of this covert war, as I am calling it, is going to take much more than one blog post, so a series it is.

The Progressive Left has made an art form out of portraying itself as the champions of the middle class, but as art imitates life, the Progressive images splashed on the canvass for public consumption are nothing but pleasant depictions of fanciful imagining. While electioneering or selling a new public program or making some legislative play for reform of one flavor or another, the left grabs the banner of the middle class and waves it vigorously before the cameras as the trumpets blow, “those struggling to get by,” and “conversations are being had at dinner tables across America,” and “Average folk! Your neighbors, your co-workers, your families!” Rote phrases and slogans delivered from the podium with the passion and sincerity of a Pentecostal tent preacher preaching salvation on a July afternoon. Here in Minnesota, the Democratic Party has gone so far as to name themselves as not just the Democratic Party, but the Democratic Farmer and Labor Party. How much more down home and salt of the Earth can you get than that?

The love of the American Middle Class is nothing but a rouse, an act; a willful and malice based act intended to connive and deceive as part of a covert war on the American Middle Class and everything that it is, everything that it stands for, and everything that it represents. This may sound outlandish and a bit over the top, but one really need look no further than the contemptuous portrayal of Suburbia by the contemporary Progressive Leftist. Who better exemplifies the Middle Class than Suburban America – The home owning nuclear family that is living the middle most of average American Dreams somewhere in flyover country? You, my friends, are the mortal enemy and root of all ills in the mind’s eye of the Progressive Left. From the moment you open your eyes in the morning to the time you drift off to sleep at night and every solitary act you engage in over the course of the day is a savage crime against the good of the planet and it’s delicate balance. From the house that you own and the square feet that it contains and the size of the lot that it sits on, the car that you drive and the number that you own, the number of children that you have, where you send them to school, how you eat and what you eat, how you heat and cool your home, what you do in your free time, your faith, the company that you work for as well as the company you keep or don’t keep, where you shop and how you shop, where and how you vacation, all of it. All of it is a wasteful, greedy, dirty, despicable, short sighted and downright ignorant impediment to the next great cultural awakening that is just around the corner if you Neanderthals would just let go of this silly, antiquated notion that you are just living your lives.

It is easy and evident to say that the Secular Progressive Movement has taken aim and has waged an overt war on traditionalism and traditional institutions. The Church, charitable organizations, the perception and place of the nuclear family in the cultural fabric of the Nation, educational institutions and educational standards, economic and financial models and practices, the list goes on and on. There is no doubt that traditionalism is under assault. As importantly though, as a matter of tactics, there is a covert war being waged on the practitioners of traditionalism and the fundamental being of the average Middle Class American, a propaganda war. A war on the practices of the individual, the average American and his family and how they go about their day…and it is deeply personal.

Know Thy Enemy



There are numerous terms that can be used to describe the hive-mind that the American left exhibits; Statists, Globalists, Socialists, Communists, Collectivists. Most if not all proponents espousing a grand vision of Utopian harmony through collective action and being through public programs, public education, public housing, public transportation. Better living through community action, community gardens, community resources, communal responsibility. Open source for the common good in search of shared solutions to collective problems on a universal scale because…well…you know…it’s good for everybody. The search for self has been found in becoming one with the all.

“I” has become a four-letter word, never to be uttered in enlightened company. The word “self” is to be scorned unless the qualifiers of centered, absorbed, interested or other suffixes that cast the appropriate taint of derision accompany it. To bring the grand vision of unified glory to fruition any reference to, or pride in, the abilities or accomplishments of the individual must be castigated, mocked or viewed through the coke bottle glasses of parsimonious dismissiveness. “You didn’t build that,” the statement that will live in infamy, was not a creation of the current occupant of the Oval Office, merely a rhetorical reinforcement of a collectivist mantra that has been rattling around the halls of institutions of enlightened social engineering for decades.

Collectivism relies on the destruction of individuals and the ethos of individualism, and the perception of the individualist by the culture at large, to survive. The “lone wolf,” the “cowboy,” the “loner,” have all been perceptively transformed in the pop culture from the hero or romantic of old; The John Wayne’s, the James Dean’s, the Hemingway’s, the rugged individuals that owned their surroundings and took charge in moments of crisis. The “Lone Wolf,” is now a domestic terrorist. The “cowboy,” was a favorite term of mockery for George Bush during his presidency and is seen as the guy with the ego complex at the workplace that tends to go off half-cocked and is impossible to work with. The “loner,” is a school shooter. The Individual acting on his own has become an agent of destruction and chaos. In the case of the Labor Movement, the individual is incapable of improving his lot in life and must rely on the “fellow worker” to advance his station – solidarity is the one and only road to liberation. To resist or deny absorption into the Union results in assault, verbal and physical – they will beat you into recognition and assimilation into the collective. There is only safety in becoming one of and with the numerous.

This mindset, this philosophy, this practice of Collectivism is a destructive force. It must destroy to thrive. It has no choice. It must drain the desire to strive – to strive for something greater suggests that the collective is flawed, something to be escaped from. It must destroy the hero – the hero has a face, the hero has engaged in rogue behavior that elevates his status above the faceless in the mass. It must diminish the inventive – the inventive individual did not seek out the appropriate and proper approval and guidance of the collective and it’s agreed upon goals, he went “off the Reservation,” and must be eliminated. The individual must not be allowed to over perform – that incites envy in the hive, an emotion like envy is a virus to the hive. The hive didn’t ASK to get sick! That damned pathogen of performance MADE it sick! Quarantine it before it spreads!

Collectivism is a deceptive, soul sucking, achievement crushing, contempt addled, and covetous bland mass of forced mediocrity that has over the course of decades diminished the abilities and lowered the expectations of a people and culture that is The United States. A Nation, a culture, and a people that rose to power, prominence and dominance on the World Stage by embracing and rewarding the achievements and contributions of the Individuals that stuck their necks out to create something larger than themselves for themselves and their progeny. From the economy to inventiveness, education to the social contract, our downward spiral as a Nation is directly correlated to the embrace of Collectivism and it’s bitter distain for the achievements and will of the Individual.

I honestly can’t understand why anyone would want to degrade themselves and their surroundings by jumping onto the Collectivist train.

From The Workbench – Emergency Alcohol Burner

We’re not just all politics all the time here at Liberty’s Torch. Welcome to the first in a new flavor of posts that dive head first into the waters of how-to, preparedness, do-it-yourself projects and hands-on problem solving. While these posts are not “political” in and of themselves, I do find that my politics drives how I go about approaching the world in my day to day activities as a Conservative Libertarian. From where I sit, the DIY ethos, the ability to build things, making something from nothing and/or making the most from limited resources are essential aspects of a comprehensive Conservative lifestyle. Knowing how to build, how to cook, how to camp, how to create…yes, I did build that, and so can you. Here’s how…



CU Conversations – Mark Davis

CUTalks-MarkDavis-1200x300Mark Davis is one of the most successful radio talk show hosts and conservative commentators in America. The longtime host of the Mark Davis Show on 660 AM, his show has been a reliable source for opinions and passion on topics from around Dallas-Ft. Worth, across the nation and around the world. The show is marked by unpredictability, a fast pace, and always a sense of humor, covering topics ranging from politics to pop culture, broad philosophy to consumer issues, to history, to sports, to whatever occurs to Mark and his callers.

He has achieved even greater national prominence in recent years as one of the key guest hosts on the Rush Limbaugh Show, and as the Friday host of the William Bennett’s, ‘Morning in America’. Additionally, he is a columnist writing for and the Dallas Morning News.  Mr. Davis fashions himself a ‘libertarian conservative’, and as such, brings a much-needed viewpoint to conservative thinking in America today.

Over the course of the conversation we discussed the arc of the Tea Party from 2009 until today, the current rise of Libertarianism in the Conservative Movement, factionalism within the Republican Party and how the average citizen can become involved in the advancement of the Conservative movement.

Mark can be found at
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Fridays 5-8 AM Bill Bennett’s Morning in America
Salem Communications

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CU Talks – A Cornucopia of Conversation – ep.015

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With our caller Ken we discussed the downfall of the African-American family and how that has influenced so many things down the line. Where did it all begin? Great Society – not so great. We continued in that vein with Lorri, and as usual, veered off into other topics as the mood struck

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