Losing to Win

I am stuck, as I think most conservatives are. I know I want a limited federal government, states’ rights, etc… I know without any shadow of a doubt that I do not want a Democrat in office or having majority control of the House/Senate. I have seen how this will inevitably lead to the erosion of my rights under the guise of “social justice.”

For the longest time I would self-describe as a Republican. I am not so sure this is true anymore. I would say that I identify with the Tea Party more than anything at this point in my life.

As a Conservative I feel that it is of paramount importance for us to retake the Senate and maintain the House. There are some “safe bets” out there that would be the logical choice to win. Unfortunately these “safe bets” are just establishment Republicans. I know that term is over-used, but it fits. What else could they be called? It is almost as though we have completely given up in our fight for conservative principles. Our past was full of fights that we have not won, and now the mantra seems to be “leave that fight alone.” Just comply, do not resist. If we allow ourselves to be in this position mentally, we have lost. We have lost our principles in favor of winning the fight, however in winning the fight we have lost the battle. The more we vote in unprincipled people, the closer we get to a government full of Republicrats. It is a slippery slope indeed, giving up ones principles. We give a little, and it is hard at first. Then we give a little more, all the while saying, “if we can just win the next fight, we can start to go back to principles.” The bad news is, once we finally get to a place where we have the ability to go back and stand on principles, we don’t have any principles left. We have already proven to everyone that might have taken us seriously that we no longer have the values they found attractive in us.

I see people saying or posting things such as “we don’t have a valid plan,” or “our plan is to do nothing,” or other statements along these lines. Perhaps that is the correct thing to do here. Maybe, just maybe, if we stuck to our principals we wouldn’t have a plan. It is time we dug our heels in and, to quote an acquaintance, “let it burn”[1]. Having no plan will not erode more of our rights, take more of our property, and more importantly diminish our principles.  We certainly would not be trying to take people’s property to give to others to support “no plan.” When do we get so fed up (no pun intended) with the federal government being status quo that we say ENOUGH! I will no longer stand for partially principled or half-baked ideas. When do we stand up and say no more spending, if we do not have the revenue to support it then it must be tabled until we do. When do we realize that sometimes doing nothing IS a better option?

I am so very tired of losing to win. It is not a game I want to play any longer. I leave you with one of my favorite quotes because I think it says it all:

“I would tell him to shrug.”

Atlas Shrugged

Ayn Rand

A personal thank you to the State Moderators of The Conservative Union for helping.

A special thank you to +Laura T for grammar checks and suggestions

And a special thank you to +Ed Pluck for “helping me with the math”.

[1] Quote from Pradheep Shanker (Pradheep was not directly consulted on this)