About the Conservative Union

Who We Are

The Conservative Union is a group of individuals committed to restoring freedom worldwide through the growth and expansion of the Conservative movement, using the U.S. Constitution as our guidepost.

We’re not politicians. We’re not pundits. We’re regular folks who believe in liberty.

The Conservative Union is open to all who believe in and want to further the cause of Conservatism, and to those who are interested in learning more about what Conservatives really believe, think, and do.

How We Started

Before we were co-conspirators in the vast right wing conspiracy, we were friends.

The Conservative Union began as a group of Conservatives from across the United States who found each other on Google+. We shared news and current events, and a mutual concern about the state of our country.

Over time, we desired a way for this sharing and mutual frustration to generate some forward motion; to turn the frustration into traction for the road ahead.

The Google+ Communities provided the perfect platform for such an endeavor, and the Conservative Union was created on December 6, 2012. The community grew rapidly.

In early March 2013, state and international chapters were established for members to discuss state-specific or country-specific issues, organize resources to be more involved in community politics, and establish connections with more local Conservatives.

April of 2013 saw the rollout of podcasts and community hangouts which serve to further inform and connect Conservatives within the CU.

At about the same time we set up accounts on other Social Media platforms, and created this website. We wanted to share longer form pieces, post our podcasts and hangouts, and generally have a place for our content to live and be shared beyond the walls of Google Plus.

Our Mission

The Conservative Union provides community environments on the international, national, and state levels. In these communities, Conservatives meet, online or in person, to discuss current events, educate themselves and one another, share tactics for rebuilding our country, and organize our efforts as we seek to renew the American Spirit.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments, or a desire to be a contributor to this blog, please do get in touch. You can use any of the channels linked on this site’s homepage, sidebar, and footer, or you can send us an email directly: media AT conservativeunion DOT net, or use our contact form